This project was conceived by a concerned citizen of Teshie, Mrs. Janet Anyeley Parker. One day, at a funeral she attended at Teshie township, she saw right in the center of the town both boys and girls in groups. Some of them were gambling with playing cards whilst others were engaged in bingo. The girls were cooking with sand.

These children were of school going age between the ages of 5 and 13. She approached thern and started questioning them. Their answers, she said, were pathetic and virtually the same: "My parents are dead, rny mother says she doesn't have money to send me to school, I don't know the whereabout of my father and so on.

In order to satisfy her curiosity, she ventured into the arena by moving from house to house so as to verify the authenticity of the information given to her by these children. It was one of her own research and study that it came to light that most of the children did not have anybody to care for them. She was struck by the extent of deprivation suffered by these children in the Teshie township. There is not much of a constituency for these homeless kids who are being marketed, or who must sell themselves to survive.

These children survive as a result of tips they receive from people whose errand they carry. The tips are most of the time in the form of food. In the evening, they are found at the vicinity of video houses and some even pass the night on pavements and places uncongenial to their health. Mrs Parker thought she had seen everything, but she was shocked to learn about another disturbing problem which needs serious solution. That is the burning issue of teenage mothers who are on the increase, indeed a bane to our community and the nation and a matter of grave concerti to all of us - even to the teenagers themselves.

These are found among illiterates and school dropouts. The results is high proportion of young mothers who do not know how to properly look after themselves, let alone their babies. Along the way, these inexperienced mothers, out of hardship and frustration, leave the children to struggle and.fend for themselves in the streets.

Viewed critically from this gloomy backdrop, she embarked upon this arduous task with a high ambition and hope to draw public attention to this silent destroyer of our national heritage: these needy children the teenage mothers and the neglected aged folks.