Education is one of the major priorities of the orphanage as this will equip the children to face the challenges of the outside world.

In view of this, if it has rigorously persued its educational policies by making sure that the children from the organization acquire the necessary qualifications and skills before leaving the home to live independently.

Within it period of existence, the orphanage has managed through the assistance of individuals and organizations to educate two of these children to the university level. Fifteen of them have already completed vocational training and acquired skills in mechanics, spraying, cloth designing, catering, hair dressing and carpentry, after completing senior high school (S.H.S) or the junior high school (J.H.S) education.

Currently, there are four children in technical institutions undertaking course in mechanics, electricals, draughtmanship and spraying, two in the senior high school, two in the junior high school, seven in the primary and five in the nursery.

With a financial assistance from Vodafone foundation, the orphanage has expanded its accommodation facilities at its camp 2 site. This is a first class accommodation with its kitchen, toilet, dinning hall and office facilities which can shelter up to twenty-five children.

This facility has created a unique atmosphere and condusive environment for the children and their carers. It has improved the standard of living for these children who were once "homeless". Our gratitude and appreciation goes to Vodafone Ghana in particular Mr. Kyle David white hill, the chief executive officer (CEO), who was deeply involved to make sure the project was completed in time.

We are currently undertaking another building project at the old site, which will serve as a computer laboratory and an additional accommodation facility to cater for the increasing demand.

With financial challenges facing the organization, we will fully appreciate any assistance (materially or financially) to enable us achieve our mission of providing shelter, education, good health and a high standard of living to the deprived and less privilege in our society.